Walk to the Nizammudin Dargha

As part of their CBSE project, the students of class XI and XII visited the Nizamudin Dargha. The objective of the walk was to help the students to understand why and how Sufism emerged and also how it spread in different parts of India.

Since the students are focusing on the Chisti Silsila, so the walk to the Dargha gave them a deeper understanding as well as a glimpse to the life of the famous Chisti saint Nizammudin Auliya. The walk was conducted by the eminent historian Mr. Sohail Hashmi. The walk started with a visit to Chaunsath Khamba (The 64-Pillars), a beautiful Mughal-era monument. Next, the students visited the tomb of the great Urdu poet Ghalib, who lived and composed during the dying days of the Mughal Empire.

Walking past Ghalib’s Academy, the student went through the busy, local bazaar, to reach the Nizamuddin Dargah complex. The main complex is well- known for the shrine of Amir Khusrau and Nizamudin Auliya. The walk ended with the visit to the 14th century Baoli. It was an enriching experience for the students as it was an interactive walk with Mr. Hashmi who shared many interesting stories related to Sufism and especially the Dargha.