‘What I eat is what I am’

On 11th August, 2017 students of Pallav showcased their theme ’What I eat is What I am’ related learning in the culmination event. Through a Power Point Presentation the parents were made aware of the games, activities and the worksheets which the children did while exploring the theme.

This was followed by a quiz in which children ‘outsmarted’ their parents for which they were applauded by parents and teachers. Then children happily took the centre stage to present rhymes, song and a dance related to the theme. Children from ‘Basant’ sang ‘Let’s make some soup’ while those from ‘Bahaar’ presented a rhyme called ‘I like food’. ‘Malhaar’ students presented a dance on ‘Healthy food for super kids’. Parents were amazed to see children getting on and off the stage in a disciplined manner.

After the brain games it was time for some fun games. Parents and children enthusiastically participated in ‘Passing the parcel’ and ‘Hot Potatoes’.

The highlight of the event was the ‘fireless cooking’. Three food counters were made where ingredients were kept for parents and children to make delicious snacks. Parents, teachers and children together ‘cooked’ tasty sandwiches, tangy-spicy bhelpuri and sweet chocolate laddoos. Never before had cucumber sandwiches tasted so delicious, neither did bhelpuri and nor were laddoos ever sweeter than the ones made by our Pallav community of NiBS! This activity helped them to understand not only the importance of healthy, nutritious food but also introduced concepts of math and science in their learning.