Workshop on Footwear Making and Constructions

Mr Gaurav Singh, from Wilhelm India, conducted a workshop on Footwear Making and Constructions for the students of Classes 7th and 8th on 10th December 2015.

A graduate from Footwear Design & Development Institute, Mr. Singh introduced the children to the nitty- gritties of shoe making. This was in keeping with the British Council International School Awards Action Plan which expects children to get firsthand knowledge about the practical aspects of shoe designing and manufacture.

Being an interactive session, Mr. Singh encouraged children to come up with what they understood and knew about footwear and most of the students expressed it as an important part of human attire worn on the feet. The children also spoke about their favourite brands and what they looked for in a shoe while buying footwear for themselves.

Mr. Singh elaborated on the history of how footwear has evolved through the course of human civilization and how our ancestor- the early man, started wearing animal skins to protect him from the vagaries of nature and the rugged ways around 15000 years ago.

The students understood that although the basic purpose of the shoe was protection from the external environment, but gradually the concepts of comfort with proper cushioning too became important and in the present world style is obviously very important or rather has become the most important aspect of shoe making.

To make children well versed with the know how of shoe making Mr. Singh explained about the parts of shoes like insole, mid sole, out sole, heel, laces etc., along with the tools like tapes, knife and hammer used while making shoes with the help of an interesting and informative PPT.

An idea was also given about the required grinderies like nails, buckles etc to the students. He also showed different types of shoes namely derby, oxford, court, slip on, boot, moccasin, sports, slippers and sandals in the PPT.

By the end of the session the students understood that making of footwear involves several processes like designing, cutting, clicking, closing, lasting, finishing and packaging.

Mr. Singh willingly answered any query that the children had about shoe designing and manufacture.
The students really enjoyed this workshop which provided them with practical knowledge of shoe making.