Workshop on ‘Leadership’ by Knowledge XP – Explore, Experience, Expert

On the 5th of May, 2016, Thursday, All the members of the student council and a few select students of class 10, attended a workshop on ‘Leadership’ by Knowledge XP. It was an interactive session, clubbed with fun and learning. It helped the student council to bring out their leadership qualities and thereby help both, the students and the school in totality.

The mentors started with different ways of greeting ourselves through various ‘hand shakes’, where each student had to get acquainted with as many students in many different and interesting ways.There was another game named ‘Take a Stand’ – where the students had to take a stand in a given situation keeping in mind their ethical responsibility towards the school. This activity helped them in becoming stronger. This taught them taking up responsibility in the right direction.  Another fun-loving game was ‘Balancing the Balloons’, where they had to get into two groups, to form a long chain standing in a straight line, thereafter  balance a balloon between the waists of two people and reach their destination, without dropping it. There were two such teams for a race. This taught them to listen to instructions carefully, manage time, plan and strategize before callously jumping on to a task. There was another similar task which the children enjoyed a lot namely; ‘Blind Snakes’, where they were blind folded and had to listen to the instructions of their leader and make their moves accordingly.

In the end, some Sheeji cards (picture cards) were scattered on the floor and the students were suppose to choose one that best suited their experience for that day. This activity proved that they were creative, thoughtful and extroverts. The day ended on a good note where they were all charged and energized to take the responsibility as leaders, on their strong shoulders.