Workshop on New Education Policy and Budget Schools

The 8th School Choice National Conference (SCNC) on the New Education Policy and Budget Private Schools was organized on Saturday, 3rd December at the India Habitat Centre.

The last NEP(New Education Policy) was brought out in 1986 and later amended in 1992 and our forthcoming  New Education Policy needs to reflect the changing needs of quality education, innovation and research to ensure that India becomes a knowledge super-power.

The objective of SCNC was to bring together educationist, planners, policy experts, activists and government officials to discuss and debate various dimensions of education policy for Budget Private Schools in India and also to showcase cost effective innovative models that foster an enabling ecosystem.

After the welcome note, Mr. Baijayant Panda (MP) spoke about the role, significance and the future of Budget Schools. Session one focussed  on the regulatory challenges faced by Budget Private Schools where the speakers spoke on  areas of conflict and offered suggestions and hoped for less stringent  regulatory laws. The second session had three speakers like Dr. Geeta G. Kingdon who used data as evidence to reflect the increased quality of learning and cost effectiveness of Budget Private Schools.

The last session was on ‘Innovations in Classroom’ and this session highlighted innovation and development with regard to teacher training, leadership, innovations in the classrooms and was truly exemplified by Mr. Ashok Thakur from Muni School.

The conference ended with the screening of the five best EduDoc film screening and the awards were given to the winners and Dr. Amit Chandra gave the Vote of Thanks.