Young at Art

Young at Art –an annual and unique Children’s Art festival held in NiBS celebrates the unique transformational power of Art and pays tribute to the boundless wonder and innate creativity of children.

The YAA festivities commenced from Tuesday, 30th January, 2018 with groups of students working on ‘Memory Projects’ and continued with YAA being opened for our NiBS community on Friday, 2nd and Saturday, 3th February 2018.

The highlight of this almost week-long Young at Art were the Memory Projects that were created by our children under the expert guidance of our ‘athithis’- Mr. Shaaz Ahmed, made a visual narrative with innovative storytelling using different forms of experimental animation with students of Class IX and the School Art Team,

Ms. Kanika Singh worked with class VII Bahaar to create mosaic art work, Mr. Harmeet Sodhi, helped the students of Class VII Basant create powerful sculptures from recycled material, Ms. Sveta Hattangdi Kilpady worked with students of the School Music Team to create ‘a clean-up song ’(Thumri style),

Ms. Megha Madan who worked with students of classes III to V to create dream catchers and Shri. K.V. Gautam who helped the students of classes IV and VIII understand the process of making cartoons and caricatures. As part of the Young at Art Children’s Festival this term, we had the honour and privilege of welcoming distinguished artists from diverse fields of the performing and visual arts.

These eminent guests included Padmashri Smt Madhvi Mudgal, a classical Odissi dancer, Pt. Bhajan Sopori, a maestro and Saint of Santoor, Mr. Ranjit Lal, an award winning author of children’s books, Ms. Jaishree Sethi, a passionate story-teller and creative director of Story Ghar,

Ms. Saskia Rao, a renowned cellist from Norway who is amalgamating cello in Hindustani music, and Mr. Gauhar Raaza, a scientist and an Urdu poet of repute- to name just a few. Art work that our children have completed through the year was displayed at the Annual Art Exhibition.

Introducing the children to varied forms of arts and through a sharing of their invaluable experiences, these experts helped our children to appreciate the grace, discipline and beauty that the arts bring to our lives.