Young at Art- 2015

Celebrating our momentous and memorable 10 year journey, our annual Children’s Art Festival- ‘Young at Art’ 2015 saw the magic of creative arts unfold in NiBS from 15th to 17th October 2015.

Eminent artists from diverse fields of the performing and visual arts became a part of this mega festival that helps our children appreciate the grace, discipline and beauty the arts bring to our lives.

Watching the doyens of Kathak, Manipuri dance and Carnatic and Hindustani Music, such as Smt. Manjari Chaturvedi, Smt. Sharon Lowen, Shri Sanjib Bhattarchaya, Smt. Meeta Pandit and many others perform on the NiBS stage was certainly an enthralling experience that should not have been missed!

Magic Show, Story Time, interaction with an award winning author of children’s books and entertaining puppet shows proved to be a treat for all.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to watch one of India’s most entertaining bands- Eka perform at NiBS and meet the renowned painter- Mr. Subodh Gupta were the highlights of the festival!

The fun didn’t end there as various workshops on painting, craftwork, paper mache and toy making had children and adults alike trying their hand at these art forms.

Like every year, parents and guests spent a good part of their day, visiting the unique Art Exhibition which displayed the work done all over the year by the NiBS artists.

This rich collection of work of classes Ankur to XII included a range of techniques and mediums from simple Oil pastels to 3-D installations; recreating the traditional tribal art forms to the work of famous artists including Édouard Manet and Georges Seurat; displaying skills from the simple stroke of a brush to complex techniques of screen painting, spray painting, tie & dye and calligraphy

The effigy of Ravaan created using the masks made from corrugated sheets, the interactive board using primary colours to create unique symmetrical designs and the installation of the yellow POP hand moulds depicting the annual theme 10 were the favorite of one and all.

The showcase also had a wide variety of handcrafts made using clay. The precise work of the hands rolling over the clay created an ‘Earthly Corner’ displaying carts, pots, animals and figures.

Since it was our tenth anniversary special, the celebrations also included groups of children working on ‘Memory Projects’ with visiting artists to create treasured memories that will stay with us forever.

To realize this goal our students took up 10 different memory projects, one was with Ms. Anni Kumari, who sat down with the group to record their memories of school life beautifully on canvases using acrylic paints.

Another was ‘Memories in a shoe box’ guided by Ms Himani Dehlvi, where the children placed memories using old photos, souvenirs from school trips, a special gift and so on, in their boxes.

Whereas Deepa ma’am mentored her group to form creative phrases where the letters were individually sewn, put together into a thread and hung from the ceiling to form a 3D effect.

Ms. Kruti and Ms. Amala guided children in drawing human faces through Modern Steam Punk and creating posters based on their fond memories of school with the help of objects like I.D. cards and sticks.

A fine use of waste material, which is otherwise considered futile, was witnessed when Ms. Anurupa Roy and Mr. Manish encouraged students to make dragons and figurines respectively.

Mr. Mandeep and his pupils took photography to its epitome with the marvelous use of ‘Photoshop’ to create masterpieces.

Another wonder was seen when Moosa sir and his young potters created a large globe with the NiBS geese on it to display the rich growth of the school.

All in all, the three day festival left us with precious moments of delight and learning; and  a treasure house of memories that we will forever hold dear!