Young at Art

“Man of conscience. It was a beautiful portrayal of how a man feels trapped in the circle of life”.
Ms. Subhashini Balakrishnan , Parent of Easwar Balakrishnan ,  Class – IX Basant

“I loved hows of wonder, how of parliament in fact all the art work is great and shows a lot of maturity and creativity.”
Mr. Vinayak Prasanna Das  , Parent of Ahana Das  , Class – IV Bahaar

“Every year I am so amazed at the amount of creativity that flows in at ‘Young at Art’. I thoroughly enjoyed the dance as well as the workshops ongoing at the basketball court.”
Mr. Jai Dev Rajak , Parent of Aakriti Shrestha  , Class – III Bahaar

“I loved the couch made from egg trays. It depicted great resourcefulness.”
Ms. Dimple Sharma  , Parent of Presha Sharma  , Class – IX Basant