Young at Art

‘Art is harmony parallel with nature. It has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate’.

The Young at Art children’s Art Festival and the Annual Art Exhibition was held on 3rd and 4th February 2017, displaying the artistic work created by our students for this academic session 2016-17.

YAA 2016-17 created a colourful kaleidoscope in the quadrangle showcasing the famous art forms of ‘Around  the World’. The painted pillars and walls, 3-D installations, Mosaic art, Paper Mache masks were the welcoming to the exhibit. The art works included paintings with oil pastels, soft pastels, water colours, charcoal, pencil shading, black pen art, Screen painting , Spray painting, Calligraphy and Typography, Collage making and Paper Folding Art.

All the above is taught in the art classes which aim to introduce to the young minds- the wide variety of art forms and explore the lives and work of great masters who contributed to the field of art. These ideas are then used as an inspiration by the students to create their unique art piece.

The showcase had a wide variety of handicrafts made using clay. The precise work of the hands rolling over the clay created an ‘Earthly Corner’ displaying carts, pots, animals and figures. The art of pottery practiced around the World was displayed in the exhibit.

The YAA celebration also included the visit of eminent artists from diverse fields of performing and visual arts, who interacted with the students and parent community displaying the rich horizon in the field of Arts. These sessions with the artists of Art, Music and Dance encouraged its viewers to appreciate the grace, discipline and beauty that arts bring to our lives.

Guests, parents and the students enjoyed taking a walk through this unique Art Exhibition which displayed the work of our young hands.